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iPrism Academy

Terms and Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions set out below carefully before agreeing to undergo training of any course provided by us. These terms and conditions provides for general instructions to users as to matters governing between Website and users. By mere access of this website you shall be deemed to have accepted the terms and conditions. Once accepted plea of ignorance is not to be raised by any person. Acceptance forms an implied agreement which binds the person and is estopped from later denying the same or claiming no knowledge or understanding of them.

1 Preliminary

We “iPrism Academy “ are only providing various online training for IT courses including corporate training, tutorials, job oriented support.

2 Interpretation

Words appearing here after shall be construed according to their natural or dictionary meaning however Interpretation of some terms used is to be done as

a Service or services

Shall means the service of providing training and online courses and include providing tutorials, job oriented support, guiding to become a trainer

b We or us or our

Shall to be construed to mean “iPrism Academy”

c Courses

Means IT related courses for which training or tutorials are provided and are included in the list of courses as given in website or as updated from time to time


Shall means reading materials or videos of any course provided by us subject to availability.

e User

Means any person who takes or agrees to take any one or more of the courses provided by us.

3 Fees

fees charged for various courses enlisted in the website is also provided and same shall be applicable subject any discount or offer which we may provide.

4 Courses

various IT related courses and fees to be paid is provided in the website. There are certain courses which we undertake to provide free of cost however such courses are provided subject to enrolment for other related courses. User shall not be entitled to free course or courses unless they enroll for related course or courses with which these free of cost course of courses is provided. Enrolment is complete when given fee is paid.

5 Duration

Best endeavor shall be made by us to complete the course in duration mentioned therein but if owing to any circumstances or fault of trainer duration exceeds the time provided we don’t undertake any liability.

6 Cancellation

once user enrolls for any course or courses any it shall not be cancelled. We may at our discretion accept cancellation subject to charges and refund policy

7 Information

Users impliedly agrees that all the information regarding address, name etc. shall be correct and accurate

8 Liability

Due care has been taken to ensure that all the information contained in this website is correct; despite all efforts in case of any error we shall not be liable. We don’t give any warranty regarding virus or any other similar programs that may occur due to usage. Extreme measures has been taken to ensure that all the information regarding courses, training, job programs etc. as given in the website is correct and accurate to the best of our knowledge and to prevent any fraud, however we shall not be held liable for any such concealment on the part of the trainer during the process of training. However users can bring any such discrepancy to our knowledge during the training not afterwards.

9 Technical error

This being a website may sometime malfunction or cause some technical problem, we shall try to remove such defects at our earliest convenience, and shall not be liable to pay damages in case of such defect in running of the Website .

10 Relationship

It is hereby unequivocally stated that we are neither agents nor partners with any of the trainers or tutors and our liability and responsibility is limited only to provide training facility. We do not provide any guarantee as to personnel skill or knowledge of the trainer of tutor but warrants the technical and course skill of the trainer or tutor.

11 Complaints

Any complaints or grievances shall be communicated through email ID provided or phone number given, best endeavor will be made to redress the same as soon as possible.

12 Marks

No person shall use our marks and shall be held liable for passing off incase similar or identical marks are used resembling our website or of same features or display design etc

13 Dispute

Users by enrolling with us is entering into transaction with us via electronic mode and the same is binding. If in case of any dispute as to fees, duration, refund, trainer or timings users can bring the issue to our knowledge and try to settle the same amicably by contacting us via phone or email.

14 Arbitration

all disputes arising out the enrolment to any course or courses to be provided by us shall be referred to an arbitration tribunal consisting of sole arbitrator appointed by us and all provisions of the Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1999 shall apply. Venue of such proceedings shall be Hyderabad only.

15 Exemption

Customer shall agree that in case of any deficiency or shortcoming in training because of trainer, our liability is totally exempted. Action is to be taken against the concerned trainer and we shall not be liable and no action of whatever nature is to be initiated or instituted against us.

16 Other terms and conditions

Besides the terms and conditions contained herein orders shall be subjected to terms and conditions of the various banks and financial institution whose card is used by the user to make payment. We shall not be liable to compensate if payment is delayed or wrongly deducted on part of the bank and financial institution.

17 Waiver

User cannot waive either by any act or abstinence any of these terms and conditions and privacy policy

18 Disclaimer

We can change the terms and conditions listed above without any notice to customers and we reserve the right to change them.