Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

By using or dealing or communicating either by user or any other person for that matter, of this website and for the matters relating to information technology and intellectual property rights following are the terms of policy which shall govern. The terms of this policy do not in any way contradicts any law for the time being in force in India but only supplements it and tries to provide a framework through which various aspects as to privacy, information technology and intellectual property matters in specific and other things in general are to be governed.

Object and Purpose:

The primary object and purpose of this policy terms is to clearly mark and set out various situation and circumstances on the happening or nonhappening of which cause of action or fixation of liability is more likely to arise, and also for the purpose of providing an ascertained and predefined rules which define degree of care, caution and diligence to be adopted by any person accessing this website or dealing with website in any matter. This policy covers different aspects those related to Information Technology (Information Technology Act. 2000) and intellectual property law i.e. trademarks law, copy rights law etc. as are applicable in India and also the relevant international agreement to which India is a party or signatory.


fThe terms of this policy are applicable to all the persons who access this website in any capacity either as a user or mere visitor. This policy serves as a notice to all those persons. These rules also at the same time serves as a general notice to public at large and other authorities that shows our adherence to laws, bylaws, rules and regulation issued from time to time on the covered aspects of information technology and intellectual property matters. By mere accessing the website a person is considered to have agreed to observe the rules of privacy contained herein and the same shall be deemed to be in your constructive notice.

Any violation of the privacy rules on your part or any act or abstinence resulting in disregard of these rules shall entitle us to repudiate the relationship, claim damages which shall be exclusive of any action which may include civil and criminal actions, suit for passing off or infringement of IPR’s.

Interpretation clause:

The terms appearing in these rules shall be interpreted according to their natural meaning unless a different meaning is provided for the purpose of these rules the term. Some of the meanings are hereby provided:


“we’” “us”: stand for the admin and owner of this website “ iPrism Academy” and any person acting on their behalf like employees, partners including their assignees,licensee, executors etc.


“You” “your” shall mean user using this Website. However the terms “you” “your” shall include in case of rules relating to unauthorized access, attempt to hack or violation of intellectual property rights, and offences, mean any person whether being a user or not , whether uses the Website or not.


Law is to be laws that are in force in India like Information Technology Act.2000, Intellectual Property laws like Trade mark Act.1999 Copy Rights Act.1958 as amended from time to time and all other relevant bye laws, regulations, ordinances, and international agreements to which India is a party or signatory.


“Website” to mean the Website of “iPrism Academy”

Privacy Rules:


By agreeing to use this website any person shall be construed as user and is expected to observe these rules without any exception in their dealing with us.


We reserve our right to change/alter/modify/add/delete or amend these rules without prior intimation however not at the prejudice to any person or in contradiction of law as is applicable in India.


While in the process of communicating through this website or otherwise with us or with the trainer or faculty as the case maybe users are supposed to observe the following rules:

  • Usage of decent language.
  • Do not Post or cause to be posted any information which contains obscene content is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not use language which is in itself abusive, threatening or causing injury to reputation of any person.


. Any person who whether willfully or otherwise gains or tries to gain or cause to gain or so attempts to access information available in this website shall be liable to be prosecuted under Information Technology act.2000 , which shall be other than action or claim for damages that we are entitled and also under various other commercial applicable laws. Access secured by way of unauthorized means is not limited to technical information but also to other information like financial personnel or other and not only of us but also of any other user.


All the materials in this website in the form of images, logos, adds, design, pattern, appearance etc. forms part of the intellectual property as the same has been developed after spending considerable efforts and money therefore any use of this information detrimental to us shall make you liable for infringement of intellectual property rights and appropriate action in the form of infringement or passing off can be initiated under Copyright Law for protecting the software of this website and all other relevant laws applicable as amended from time to time.


Ensure that the information published or caused to be published by you in not in contravention or violation of any law whether of India and international law to which India is a party


It is particularly of paramount importance to adhere to Information Technology Act.2000 and ensure that none of the provisions of as well as rules and regulations made there under.


It is mandatory generally on the part of users to ensure that all the information displayed or uploaded in this website from your end is correct to their knowledge and there is no misrepresentation of facts or any attempts to engage in any dishonest and fraudulent act.


There shall be not liability on us by reason of any fraud or misrepresentation or untrue statement or fraud played by any faculty or trainer acting beyond the authority


During the course of our dealing with users we may access to information like name, mobile number etc. which may or may not be sensitive and we shall maintain utmost degree of care to ensure that the same is protected and is not shared with any other entity.


However we are not responsible for any breach of information if the same is resulting not due to negligence on our part but due to some technical reasons.


Information entered in the Website by you shall without any prior notice be used by or for the following purposes:

  • In any court or tribunal as evidence.
  • With law enforcement agencies.
  • With other government agencies.


However we shall not in any case deal for commercial benefits use this information about you.


We shall when providing information from our end, ensure the correctness of the same


We commit ourselves to follow and observe highest codes of ethics in dealing with you and expect the same to be observed by all users and to be honest and fair.


Any unauthorized use of our name in any manner not approved by us and shall not be allowed by any person and in case of any such use action will be initiated against such persons under applicable laws.